Being a sysadmin on the go made simple

glutter is an easy-to-use app for monitoring and remote control of your Linux devices.
No terminal needed.

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See the most important information at a glance.



Get detailed information about the current system status.


Remote Control

Pre-made basic remote control features as well as customizable buttons for executing quick actions on your Linux devices.

Made with Love

Is it really open source if it's not made with love?

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About this project

We want to create a modern, easy-to-use app so you know what is up with your Linux servers (and other devices) on the go, without having to mess around with a small terminal window and a SSH session on your smartphone.

It started as a project in a software development course but we enjoyed working on this so much so we continued working on it even after the course was over.

Built with Glances and Flutter.

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